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The Dolphin factory was created in 2005 by Alexander Samokhin and his team. The athlete’s experience inspired him to create comfortable, beautiful shoes and clothing for athletes that meet all the requirements of modern technologies. Our main goal is to help everyone reach their potential, overcome fear and take the first small step to great success.


The history of the establishment and development of the factory began with this brand. The DOLPHIN brand presents a classic model of sports shoes: from children’s gym shoes to professional jazz shoes. High quality materials, knowledge of fashion designers, expert assessment of professional athletes and choreographers – all this allowed us to create models that harmoniously complement the stage image and provide additional comfort for their owner. Our customers associate Dolphin products with the standard of excellence.

Struck by the elegance of the lines and the beauty of the details of Italian design, our fashion designers have supplemented the world experience in the production of clothes with the physical features of the body structure of the Russian and European consumers.

Our goal was achieved: highlighting the natural beauty and harmony of our ladies, to give an unforgettable feeling of ease of movement and convenience.

A brand of semi-professional sports-style footwear, which is in demand among both novice athletes and supporters of an active lifestyle.

We set ourselves the goal of developing in every customer the desire for a healthy lifestyle, physical improvement of oneself and one’s body. This responsibility is expressed in the development of simple and convenient models that motivate everyone to move that is enjoyable and beneficial.


Our customer is the same as we are – in love with life and sports, a dreamer, a fighter for achieving goals and simply a connoisseur of beauty. Obsessed with victory and the one who is just in the hall. A lone hero and one who loves team spirit. An amateur and one for whom sport is the meaning of their whole life.

OUR PRIORITY – high quality products!

The creation of sportswear and footwear that meets modern standards of ergonomics and safety is our main priority in our work. Dolphin models, made of high quality natural and artificial materials, undergo mandatory environmental control, mandatory certification and ISO quality control – strategic components of production.


Our team is united by a strong corporate culture based on 3 pillars:

Responsibility to yourself
and colleagues for the final
result for our
buyers and partners.

Customer obsession.
We work every day
to conquer and keep
the trust of our customers
and partners.

High requirements for quality and service standards.

If you share our values and want to join the team: Vacancies

Trust and support

We implement educational projects for our employees, develop the local community, and participate in environmental protection. The goal is to create the best product with respect for employees and the environment.